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Ravinia Capital Group is a private capital real estate investment firm based in Chicago and founded in 2014. Ravinia combines the discipline and durability of a family office with the experience and sophistication of an institutional investor to pursue profitable real estate investment opportunities. Ravinia invests in value-add and core-plus industrial, residential, office and retail real estate within targeted U.S. submarkets.

Key characteristics of Ravinia’s target submarkets include:

  • Favorable demographics:  where job and population growth exceed national averages

  • Not pioneers: where Ravinia has historical investment and operational experience

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns:  where Ravinia can pursue multiple asset types by deploying its deep intellectual capital and experience


Ravinia targets real estate investments with asset values ranging between $15 million and $100 million. Our strategy is to invest at prices below replacement cost, and on favorable economic terms, to generate excess returns without excess risk. This capability is based upon our real estate experience through multiple economic cycles.


By concentrating on middle-market transactions, Ravinia takes advantage of:

  • Less buyer competition

  • Inefficiencies of information within local markets

  • Greater potential to add additional value and generate higher returns


Ravinia implements its strategy by:

  • Utilizing owner and broker relationships to locate quality transactions

  • Remaining flexible with our transaction structure

  • Assisting with joint ventures, recapitalizations and acquiring partial interests

  • Enlisting local operating partners to assist with ownership and operation 


Our objective is to acquire $500 million to $1 billion of U.S. real estate over the next three years. We are extremely active in our target submarkets and consistently maintain a significant pipeline of potential investment opportunities. 

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